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March 20, 2013


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Dreaming, for sure! Although for me retirement is still 10-15 years away. I plan on Waiting until I'm 60 at least, mainly because 1) I still have to get the kids thru college, and 2) I'm a woman with the usual high life expectancy so I have to be careful not to retire too soon. I am also planning on hopefully increasing my cost of living when I I have to take that into account also.

I am only in my mid twenties so 30 to 40 years seems very far away. Our employer uses Wells Fargo and I thought I would hate.them but their fees are.low and their.investment options are decent. They have a calculator that put outside retirement accounts and contributions in but they don't let you play with some of the variables I would like to change in their assumptions.

Definitely only dreaming of retirement at this point. We're working on building up rental cash flow. Currently between all of our various investments we pull in about $2k a month in cash income, plus a decent amount of principal reduction. We've really only been focusing on income investments in the past 3 years, so it's conceivable that within 5 years we could live comfortably (if not extravagantly) on income from investments. But I'd say it's very unlikely that we would both leave our day jobs at age 34.

While I'm responsible about saving for retirement, I'm definitely not "dreaming" about it. I really love my job and can't see retiring anytime before 65. I may even go longer if I am still passionate about my job and as family genes go well into the high 80s and 90s.

We have Fidelity which is OK but I do like Vanguard better for my roll over IRA and Roth.

I find the calculators well comical. I input the info into Vanguard and they say I am on track. I input the info in Fidelity and they say there is a little room for imporvement.

So who do you believe.

I say I am on the best track that I can afford at the time with all the expenses I have. It is what it will be.

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