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April 16, 2013


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I really like the blog - most of the postings are good food for thought, and the reliable schedule of posting is great! All of the 5 topics above are interesting, even with an occasional hit or miss of a specific posting.
I don't care that much for the book reviews, or for reprinting chapters (you did that recently with a book that was too self-promotional) - the shorter comments on articles are much better

There was recently the poll on allocation of savings - this was a good one and potentially a category all in itself (how much do you spend on X or Y, net worth by age, etc) - however, I think it will work only if you structure it a bit - the allocation would have been better accompanied by age, some other questions would definitely need a location, others maybe a profession. And I am sure there will be questions to avoid since we all like our privacy on certain topics:-) But just an idea for something that may make a good read.

I read the blog almost daily and enjoy it a lot. Thanks!

I think you have a pretty good feel for your audience. I read most of the articles, but if some don't apply to me I'll skip that particular one. Keep up the good work :)

Maybe expand the "Help a Reader". In addition to regular submissions you receive you could also set up an issue of the month where at the first of every month indicate which issues you urge to submit, examples would be January is insurance, February paying down debt, etc.

Just keep on keeping on. Still enjoy the site unlike other PF blogs that have gone downhill recently.

I agree on expanding the "Help a Reader." Maybe make it into a more regular column? I guess it would depend on how many submissions you get, much like the Reader Profiles (which are also always great).

I'm personally most interested in real estate investing.

I like many of the great articles thats we see on FMF I would like to see more of those articles where we all compare our deals. Like when everyone was telling the deals they got with XYZ credit card. Or like the one that ask how much we spend on entertanment. It was fun to compare what we spend vs others, as well as showing what other deals are available. I'd like to see one that compares cell phone service/deals. Just an idea. I think it would be interesting to see the various plans and amounts spent.

Love the site. I think it would be interesting to see a Reader Profile follow up, where a year or so later the same reader would send an update on the progress they made towards their goals and anything else that has changed. Obviously depends on the readers willing to do a follow up but I think most would.

The series on real estate was great.

I enjoy the reader profiles.

Keep doing March Madness.

I'd love to hear your story, more of what you are doing. Thanks

I think everything's great. I check in every day, and I read nearly every day.

Love the reader profiles, that's probably my favorite feature. Apex's real estate series was great.

I would like to see more reader profiles and help the reader, but I guess you can only put up what people submit.

I would like a notification if someone replies to one of my comments. Don't think that feature's supported.

I don't see much point in March Madness and don't like the way that all of the very short posts clog up the "Recent Comments" list.

Apart from that FMF is a great finance blog and I read it a lot. I appreciate the many hours of work that you put into this effort for which you personally receive no financial benefit.

You have alot of good posts and I do like peoples comments. If someting does not interest me I skip it. Like Old Limey I don't do March madness, real estate is fine but currently I am not interested but if is looks interesting I will read it, reader profiles are ok but I get tired of looking at other peoples situations when I have my own to be concerned about, but in general all the topics cover broad enough of the spectrum.

A suggestion that I would be interested is something like the reader profile but in the manor of "side gig profile" What readers do to earn extra money.

Less reader profiles, more about you and your tips.

I agree with Old Limey. The March Madness sections are not interesting and they do clog up the otherwise excellent blog. This is the only financial blog I read nowadays as I have become more busy with life.

I'd like to see a more organized format to the reader profiles. Half of the comments are usually requesting obvious information from the poster. If the poster had to fill out that information ahead of time, it would save everyone a lot of time and effort in helping them.


I like the mix of articles you've had. Keep up the good work.

I appreciate the comments from everyone. Keep them coming!

im soooo tired of the march madness thing. please don't repeat it next year.

I really like SB's suggestion about a follow-up or progress report from those who have submitted a Reader Profile in the past. Maybe with a link back to the original profile. It would be interesting to have an insight into other people's decision-making processes, whether they took any advice from the comments on their original profile, and get an update on how things have worked out.

As for the other topics I would say keep writing about what interests YOU most, FMF, since ultimately you are the one doing the work. In my experience I found that you have to keep it fun for yourself otherwise blogging can start to feel like a chore. Not every post will appeal to all your readers but I think there is a good level of interest/comments on most posts. Keep up the great work!

I think you have a really great mix of topics, although the Reader Profiles and your personal updates are probably my favorites. I also really enjoy the Real Estate posts.

Mixed feelings about March Madness... the first round is interesting as some of the posts are quite good and I probably wouldn't have stumbled on them otherwise, but the subsequent rounds are pretty tedious.

Excellent blog overall - thanks for all of your great work!

The Reader Profiles are definitely my favorite part of the blog, and what got me reading in the first place. It's great to learn from other peoples' experiences and perhaps help them out a bit as well. I have gone back in history to read a lot of past profiles, and I'll submit my own in the near future.

The tweaks to the Reader Profile articles I would like have already been mentioned, but I'll reiterate them anyway:
- Better standard format so all information can be gathered (or we can see that a reader consciously chose not to answer the question)
- Notifications for follow ups on comments. A quoting feature like phpBB would be nice, but I know that would require software upgrades.
- A revisit of reader profiles to see what progress was made or what changes occurred. Although real financial change can take a long time, the actions to make that change can occur in a shorter timeline. And since I have gone back a few years in reader profiles, I would be interested to see how they are doing now.

Outside of that, I think the best idea is to write about what interests you and provide diversity to the reader. I don't want to favor a particular topic, because I want to be exposed to other topics that I may not know about.


This is definitely my favorite financial blog.

Reader Profiles are great. I am extremely interested by the fact that these (and other similar profiles on other sites) are extremely young person heavy (20s) (or maybe it just seems that way to me as i age). Its so much so that I almost wonder if people either bore of or give up on wealth development after their mid-30s, or maybe those over that age just are in a generation that aren't involved in following blogs. I'd love to hear stories from more nearing retirement.

The making most of career type articles seem way to general a topic to be able to speak to a wide audience about their specific career paths, but maybe I've just strayed too far from the corporate ladder climbing for it to apply to me. Just about every other type of article i find interesting.

I actually want to understand the point of the March Madness "games". I never understood what game was being played????? If you could elaborate, I'd appreciate it. I sometimes read the blog posts from those "games" though.

mysticaltyger --

You're aware of the March Madness basketball tournament, correct? One team plays another in a game, one wins and advances through the brackets until there's a single winner.

In March Money Madness, each post is pitted against one other post in a "game". The voters then leave comments to decide which of the posts wins and advances (which is better.) As posts are eliminated, eventually there's one left standing and that (in theory) is the best post in the tournament.

Make sense?

I like the format, but would be open to any new ideas/topics. I'm more of a eye candy type of person, and would be interested in more graphs/charts. The profiles are excellent and allows me to gauge where I fall with other readers.

I usually click on the personal posts and skip the chapters from books and stuff like that. You publish so frequently that it works out great. :-)

@FMF. Oh, ok. I get it. I just think it's kind of weird. I'm not into sports or the sports mentality.

I am glad that there are others that don't like March Madness. Here it is April 15th. and it's still going on. I would be very happy to see it move elsewhere.

Old Limey -

It is still going on because I started late due to my cruise. To be done by now, it would have had to start earlier. In other words, you would see the same number of MM posts regardless of when it ends.

long time reader - few comments.

-Love Reader Profiles
-eh. on March Madness - gets dull in the later rounds
-please add more articles on investing, investing strategy. I know there's a grey area about recommending anything but things like how to read financial statements etc are helpful. Especially any quick math or tips used when doing such things.

Love, love ,love the blog. I check it daily and look forward to the comments as well. Keep up the good work. As an aside, I usually ignore the March madness posts.

Interested in your index % allocations in which funds and how that may have changed over the years.

Thanks for all the comments! These have been very helpful!

I enjoy your blog and comments from Old Limey.

Like Old Limey, I don't like March Madness. I do like all of the other posts and especially like the reader's comments like those of Old Limey, Matt and Apex. They always have interesting insights and good advice.

I appreciate your posts on the Bible and Money.
I like the reader profiles.
I skip any March Madness posts.

Thank you FMF for the great website! I've been reading (and contributing) for over a year. The articles on making money, saving money and the Bible and money are most interesting to me. These have helped me to become a better money-manager. I am considering using certificate of deposits as a passive income vehicle. Would love to see more articles about CDs, as well as other low risk investments. But I find most of the information useful. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

Hello from France :)
You have readers here too.

Since you asked:
- For the comments, I'd like your comments to be in another color so they stand out more;
- I'm not sure why but I always skip the March Madness posts. Maybe you could present them differently? I'm sure if you take the time to write those posts, they must be useful. So it might be the presentation (title, structure, else?) that you should improve, not the concept;
- Hmmm, I know you ask about the content, but well, here is my 2 cent-Design feedback: please improve your banner; I would keep the star, but maybe go for a lighter background, just an idea;
- I love all the other diverse posts. Most of them. So please, keep up the good work!

I really enjoy your Sunday pieces. I'm not religious, but there is a lot of wisdom to be gained from religious texts, and you do an excellent job distilling it.

Otherwise, I'd like your comments to stand out, and I'd like a reply feature. It would be nice to be able to bounce ideas around in the comments thread.

Estate planning. You do a good job covering ordinary people's financial concerns through retirement, but what happens when people die? When someone in a reader profile brought up her plan to put property in a revocable trust, many people were skeptical of the value of it. Estate planning is important for one's overall tax planning and charitable giving.


The blog is great overall. I check it almost daily.

I like the reader profiles best. Its interesting to see other peoples situations and the support and fantastic advice they get from the community. We all learn a great deal from each other in the communities comments-- its not just the reader being profiled that benefits.

And, I suppose it hits a human nature nerve to see the financial situation others are in. We get to compare ourselves to them --and learn ---and help. ALL good stuff.

My favorite segment of the Suze Orman show Is the "How am I doing" Segment. Its where you see the income statement (monthly cash flow) and balance sheet (net worth statement)of a family-- together with their age, income etc.... Its great to be able to be a fly on the wall, learn and compare.

Of course everything is relative. A family of 30YO new parents might have a net worth of $250K and be doing "great" when the 65YO couple wanting to retire most likely would need much more to be doing "great".

How am i doing "profiles" on MFM might be fum for all.

Good job FMF-- and thank you to all the frequent commenters too. I like reading the comments as much as I like the blog.

Old Limey-- I would be remiss not to mention you. I think your comments are honest and helpful.

Is there a OLD LIMEY BLOG in your future?

I love the blog. Very high quality. I would like more on investing strategies. I know you are index fund focused, but still even more on that. I regularly refer back to your asset allocation post.

So much of the focus is on saving and investing for a future bulk number in anticipation for retirement. But as we all know real life is much different than what we anticipate. Would like to see a series or information on:

What are some real life budgets of current retirees as they move thru the stages of their life?
What are the projected budgets of those saving for retirement?

We all have ideal retirement plans, for those who have retired is retirement similar to what you had anticipated? What was unexpected? Do you have any expenses or bills that have crept up you never anticipated?

What has been the experience moving on to SS/Medicare? What did you think would be covered that you found you had to pay OTP for?

Many expect to have lower expenses or cut back in retirement, for current retirees was the lifestyle change difficult?

Many plan and save to hopefully travel the world in retirement, for current retirees are you making this dream come true? Or are you finding it more expensive than you thought? Did you find that when you actually retired you would rather just stay close to home?
For those planning or planned to move to have a better retirement, did the move actually give you a lower cost of living? Did you have to move away from family in order to retire? Are you happy with your decision, or do you wish you could move back?

In American society unfortunately many older ones no longer have a large family structure to depend on as they grow weaker. What are retiree’s doing or anyone planning to do when they can no longer drive or live alone? What are the expenses involved (someone to deliver groceries, someone to get you to the doctor, rent for retirement housing)? If you can no longer drive and your caretaker needs to work, where will you go (older daycare, group activities)? What are the anticipated expenses?

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