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April 13, 2013


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"What sort of permits are required" is the biggest indicator of an honest contractor. If the contractor says they home owner is required to pull the permits, it usually means don't go with them. If the homeowner pulls the permits then the home owner is responsible to fix it if it does not pass inspection and if you think the contractor is going to fix it for free your wrong. If the contractor pulls the permits then the contractor is responsible because it is there business name on the permit and sometimes dealing with a inspector in a well established city can be a real pain. Inspectors want deficincies fixed that are not required or part of the scope of the project.

I'm glad it worked out in your case, but if someone is MASSIVELY underbidding the market, that's grounds for real skepticism.

I'm very picky about who I hire around the house now. When I had the rood done I called in about 8-10 companies and asked for references I could call and do a drive by as well. I did make one mistake and that was to use the home inspector that our agent referred. Next time, I'll just do the work myself and call in a tradesman.

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