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May 28, 2013


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Umm....I get noting but errors when I try to click on articles. Anyone else having issues?

Matt -

All are working for me...

Odd I just checked and it is now working...

All of them work for me. Will definitely be checking out the new site.

I'm loving the new site!!! It's sort of like your alter-ego! FMF is pretty humble and reserved and Wealth Lion is looking to be a lot "bolder" as you mention in your "Why the Name" post. Excellent!

I've been a follower of FMF for quite a while. It's the financial blog that got me interested in financial blogs. I'm the guy at work that people often come to for financial advice, and I often start with..."well you need to start by checking out this blog called's what i read.". I definitely will be following both blogs. Thanks for taking on a new role and for working to keep things interesting.

Looking forward to the new site.


Overall a very good idea to differentiate content this way!

Regretfully my office firewall doesn't let me in to the new site, identifying it under "gambling". Is there anything in the settings that would lead to such classification?

I'll check it out from our home computer tonight, but I usually read from my laptop, so I am really hoping I'll be able to get in eventually

Ivy --

Ha! No, it's not a gambling site.

I'll ask my administrator why this might be occurring.

I'm getting the same firewall block at my work. Too bad! FMF is my go-to when I need a quick break over lunch!

Blocked from my work too (same reason - gambling). Probably some common blacklist used by corporate IT teams that is screening the site for some reason. Maybe the domain used to belong to a gambling site or something?

Tad --

Not sure. I have a note in to my administrator.

Makers of gaming devices Bally Gaming Inc. has a trademark on the phrase "Lion's Wealth"

A search of the USPTO for "lion's wealth" will find a trademark for them here as well:

The trademark is dead and was abandoned in 2009 but it looks like a sloppy filter is using stale and broad data to block it based on a gaming company that produces slot machines having had a trademark including those two words.

Apex --

You are the man! I'll forward to my administrator and see what she can do.

I m looking forward to the new venue.

I am not a fan of the reader profiles and really liked the FMF prior to reader profiles.

I've been reading your blog almost daily for a few years and absolutely love both the posts and the discussion (thanks Apex and Old Limey!). I love that there is almost always something new and interesting, and it's helped me create good financial habits. Sorry to hear that you're having problems with spam. Personally, I don't care for all of your posting formats, but that's not an issue -- it's far less work to skip the ones I'm not interested in than it is to read two blogs. Any chance you could keep posting everything to one blog, even if you want to specialize on the other? Or what about using one blog but categorizing them? I like the FMF URL since it's integrated with my Yahoo News homepage, which is why I read it every day :-)

PS I've seen a number of small companies struggle after drastic rebranding, so I hope you're not taking on too much. FMF has been a huge part of my personal financial education, and I hope it continues long into the future!

Did I miss a post where you talked about no longer posting on the Bible and money on Sundays? I kind of miss those posts.

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