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May 29, 2013


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I love giveaways, and I love personal finance books. Count me in!



Add me! Thanks.

7 Money rules for life is on my to-read list. This would be perfect.

Yay Box of Books giveaway!


The Psychology of Wealth sounds like an interesting read - if I win then this will be the first one I read.


Carpe diem

Yay! Sounds great!



Pick me? Why because I need it

Thank you.

Free books from free money finance? good deal.

great giveway! thanks!


Would love this...thanks!


Cool prize idea.

YAY Books

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Reading is fundamental.

Pick me! Pick me!

Badda-bing, I am in!


I'm in for the books... good luck to all!

Love reading, would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity.

Putting my name in the hat. Or on the list

I need some new summer reading material!

Good beach reading!

Good morning! It would be great to win :)

would love to win!


Me too!

Everything I love: personal finance, books and FREE!

Free books -- my favorite! Thank you!!!

would love to win the books - thanks so much for the chance!

I'd enjoy reading a few of these: The Sound Mind Investing Handbook, The Psychology of Wealth, and 7 Money Rules for Life.

I would love the opportunity to win these books. I just completed my CPA exam and these books would be nice with updating my resume and if all goes well i should have a steady paycheck so I can start investing.


woo hoo!


i want!

Thanks for the chance to win.


Love it!

Good luck to me!

Very cool!

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