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June 29, 2013


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I struggle with the same question, invest the extra in the stock market or pay down the mortgage. I think in your case the 4% rate makes a good case to put the money in the market (specifically I would max out that IRA) so as long as there is no particular time you need it. Long term you should come out ahead. Problem I have with paying towards the mortgage is what if I foreclose or have to walk away? Anything can happen with this economy with all the money printing still going on.. Then those monies would be lost where as maxing out retirement accounts they are safe from banks in the event of foreclosure. Another option is to fatten up emergency savings a little bit more, but really depends on how risk adverse you are. Certainly in your case income wont go to zero over night falling ad revenue you should have time to react.

So exciting! I love Crystal, her blog and everything that she has done. Without her, I never would have even thought about making the jump to self-employment.

That's incredible. Congratulations on your self employment.

Put extra money toward the SEP IRA. I have a SEP and it's one of the best benefits about a small company so definitely take advantage. It reduces your taxable income plus allows you sock away as much as you want (up to 25% contribution) of your salary.

Great story. Uplifting to hear you taking such control.

@Joe, I never really think about foreclosure ever happening to us, but that is a pretty good point. Maybe I can split the cash - investing and short-term savings until there is a payment big enough to buy our current home outright or buy another rental property.

@Michelle, love your blog too! And congrats!!! Your life is so exciting right now!

@T, thank you. :-)

@Adam, I think you are very right. I am going to look into the SEP IRA option a bit closer. Even if we do want to buy another rental property, maybe we can fund both goals.

@Paul, it's a huge compliment to be called "uplifting". Thank you. :-)

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