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June 06, 2013


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I hate this. Why even have an account when it can be used against you in so many different ways?

I have an extremely basic linkedin profile that has my name on it and job titles and that is all. All other "social networking" I do online is not attached to my name or email.

Interesting post!

While social networking can be precarious (as T commented above), it can also be beneficial. I have colleagues who reach out to me via LinkedIn for recommendations, and I've been pleased to be able to endorse/support them as they move on to new endeavors.

For some jobs it's more important than others, of course. My husband works in PR/Communications where it's HUGELY important to have a social media presence. In my job, less so, although still helpful.

I found the groups may be the most useful part of linkedin. You should give those a try for your field.

Landlords are looking too. We appreciate any information you freely display on your social media sites. It is a very helpful screening tool.

Social media can provide a huge boost or a huge drain on your job search! For Millennials like me, it is very important to have a strong online presence that reflects well on you!

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