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June 15, 2013


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I've never tried Sumo branded chairs before, though I do like a good beanbag chair. At that price, I'd really need to know how long it lasts (with an appropriate amount of floof) and how sturdy it is before considering it.

I've never tried out a sumo product but it sounds super comfy! I'm off to check out their site now, is it

The Sumo website shows the price for that Emperor model as $249 instead of $399.

jim --

They must have lowered it. That was the price when I wrote the post a couple weeks ago.

I bought something similar for my daughter. It's call a Cozy Sac. It's sold on Amazon and made in the USA. I believe the prices are lower. It seems to be a good quality product, but be forewarned that the 4 foot Cozy Sac is rather large.

Hey yeh I noticed it was cheaper too, which can only be a good thing. Maybe I should get myself one.

I never heard of this brand. I agree red is very hard to match, maybe brown or grey would work best for the average consumer.

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