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June 22, 2013


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We have alot of expenses with our youngest graduating form high school and getting him settled 540 miles away from home at college and both of them now in college.Our vacation will be spent getting him there and staying a few days to sight see.

More, because we'll be taking a couple more vacation weekends than last year. Because my kids are just in high school, and I figure they wont tolerate family vacations so much in a few years. But right now, they are still excited to vacation with the family.

Less, but not by design. Last year we had a long Hawaii trip which, while lodging was covered, cost a fair amount in plane tickets, rental cars, activities, and food. This year we're going on several long road trips, but they're pretty cheap in comparison since we're staying with friends and family throughout.

That being said, we don't closely track our spending so I'm partially guessing on all this. We're trying to start a family as soon as our summer vacations are over, so we've been trying to be strategic about where we go while still childless.

We will be spending less, but only because he doesn't really get vacations anymore :(

We have been on a bi-annual cycle in recent years - one year a month-long trip to Europe to visit families in 2 countries, plus some alone time - it adds up to a solid amount, plus gifts and everything. And one year vacation at home with short day trips and sometimes I don't even take a proper vacation but long weekends instead. 2013 will be a stay at home year. Once the kids hit school age and our parents' health requires at least an annual visit, we'll probably travel every year, maybe even rent a house in Europe for the summer.

For me the question is more overall spending for the year - because if we don't travel we'll spend more on summer camps, and in some years we pay for parents to travel to USA instead - these are not vacations expenses, but opportunity costs to be considered as well.

We typically go on a large vacation every other year or so. This year we are looking to adopt and there may be some travel expenses.
We are going on a 1 week vacation over the 4th of July. Recently I discovered credit card signup bonuses. I used the point bonus offer to pay for our hotel. I have been following a local groupon style site for deals and found numerous things to do for half off in the area that we are visiting. We are then going to spend part of the week visiting relatives. So minimal expenses for the vacation overall.

We'll be spending more on vacations this year because we're going on a 7 day cruise instead of a 5 day cruise. Of course, we aren't going to Disney World either... so maybe we'll come out ahead! Too much time left in the year to know for sure!

Since last year's vacation was tanked because of family issues, almost anything we spend this year is technically "more" though I am figuring spending less than most years.

Less by default. Last year we went on a nice cruise, but the result of that is we had our 3rd (and final) child this year. Which means all our vacation time and money is gone this year. We'll definitely need one in 2014 though! Probably go on another cruise - the last one was our first and we loved it.

Less for us. Big honeymoon last year, modest trip closer to home this year.

Due to lack of time it will be less this year.

More since we bought a house last year and sort of froze our big expenses for that. This year we are taking two summer trips with friends - one inexpensive 4 day weekend away to San Antonio, and a cheap 5-day cruise right after school is back in session. :-)

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