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July 30, 2013


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Good story, thanks.

Although it's kind of sad that the launch of WealthLion has made FMF a ghost town :( I don't think the two-site strategy is working. Comments are way, way, way down. I think they add tremendous value to the site.

While WealthLion has a healthy amount of comments, so far it's mostly just touched up re-posts.

I would urge FMF to reconsider this strategy.

Paul -

1. Traffic always falls during the summer. Even when I posted five times a day in the early years, it drops off in June through August.

2. The posts on WL are a mix of completely new and updated. They are the best of the best from FMF and are new to most of the readers there. After all, not many people have read FMF for eight straight years.

3. Comments on posts like this (guest posts/excerpts) are always low no matter what time of year they run.

Trust me, there is a method (and reason) to my madness. Stick around and all will become clear in the next couple of weeks.

Hope so!


I will also wait eagerly for the method part, because for me also the 2 site strategy is not working.

I haven't given up on the FMF site, but really there has been no "real" content recently - just the book excerpts, a couple of readers questions (which you probably noticed generated most comments), etc. I am missing the commentary on interesting articles, and the personal stories from FMF.

Wealth Lion is not up to filling the gap yet, at least for me, there has been little new stuff yet. And for all that matter, I don't much care for the site look. I like blogs like this one, where the home page takes you straight to the new post. There I have to sort out between Recent and Featured and Popular. A small thing, but annoying.

Anyway, looking forward to how things shape up after the summer is over.

Ivy --

To make things easier, "recent" are the most three recent posts on WL. "Featured" are the next five in order. So on one page you have the last eight posts.

As for the rest, stay tuned.

Thanks Paul & Ivy for articulating what I was also thinking! I used to check FMF religiously every day, but now I am pretty much just checking in once a week at most. I have skimmed Wealth Lion a couple of times but there is not much new for me there yet. I am still staying tuned to see what FMF has up his sleeve, as this has by far been my favorite Personal Finance blog for the past few years.

AC --

Could it be magic (up my sleeve)? I guess we'll see. :)

I'm a long time reader, but infrequent commenter. In defense of FMF and WL, I think combined they provide a lot of great content.

Sure things might be a work in progress on how it will all balance out, but FMF was a powerhouse of multiple posts per day, which is extreme for the personal finance blog industry with one main writer anyhow.


I found the following two points most suitable:
First, it's always a good time to have a balanced portfolio.
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