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July 07, 2013


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Wow, that's a great selection of books for the giveaway. Please put me in the running! Love the site, have been reading for years now.


Interesting collection, please consider me entered. Thanks!

My frugal tendencies combined with my love of reading, have spurred me to enter for a shot at the giveaway! Thank you for sharing your advice and helping to keep me motivated toward my financial goals.

Glad it came up again! Consider me entered.




Please sign me up for a crack at the box of books... Thanks

Sounds interesting!

Bummer about the previous winner. I'll enter again, though - thanks!


Excellent Giveaway. Count me in.

I need some more reading material, thanks!

Thanks for the offer.


Yes please!

Thanks or all the helpful tips on Free Money Finance, and thanks for the opportunity to continue learning about personal finance from the book giveaway!

Great idea!

Great idea, books look interesting!

These look great, thanks!

looks great

Interesting reads on the list!

There is at least two that I would read right away. Thanks.



Here's to financial independence!

Thanks for the chance.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity again! I would love new reading material.

Awesome books!

Entered! :)

Pick Me!

Congratulations on the success of your new blog!

pick me

Count me in.

Thanks for the offer

Keeping my fingers crossed to win!

Count Me In!

Time to Win.

As always a great collection. Thanks!

Great idea! I'm in.

I've been following this site for years. I'd love to win and further increase my financial savvy!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Would love to win.



I want to win, thanks !

always a fun thing,,and count me in.. my morning coffee website love it!


Books! I need more books! :)

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