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July 28, 2013


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Thanks for the chance to win. Happy reading to the winner!

Entered, thanks for these giveaways!

maybe this time!

Thanks for the chance!

Thanks for the chance to win some good books.

Would love to win this!


Thanks for the giveaway.

Entering! Thank you.

Sounds good to me, thanks!

I would love to win these books, thanks!

Good Luck Everyone, I hope these books find a nice home!

It is good of you to share these books with others.

Yes please!


That will sure help out with our questions on finances. Thanks. God bless.


Would love to havem....throwing my financial future into the ring:-)

Definitely! Books are the best prize!

Thanks for the chance to win!


Thanks! Fingers crossed!

read. i like to read.



I bet all these books can help any of us become better with our finances and will be a blessing to anyone who receives them.

[email protected]

Thank you.

Really enjoy this site, and especially am liking the info I'm learning on your Wealth Lion site, much appreciated!

Books are always good. Free books makes it better.
Thanks for the chance.

Thank you!


Ready to read

Thanks for the chance to win!

Hope to read them soon!


Pick me!!!

I love books.

I love free things.

Therefore, I love free books!

It would be a blessing to win this. Thanks

Yay for books!

I really want the book about money management thru the biblical perspective

Maybe this time! :)

I like the name of the last book....sounds informative.

would love to win!

Thank you very much :-)

So glad to see you have the SMI handbook on this list! They give awesome advice!

It beats playing the lottery, thanks for the chance to win.

Maybe this time?

That sounds like a very interesting collection of books that I would like to read, put me in please!!

Hope I win!

I would love some new books!

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