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August 10, 2013


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Really enjoy reading these reader profiles FMF! Everything seems in place especially with the mortgage paid off from that co-op. Don't think that would work for me though with the 9k savings for the cats. I don't have cats but just seems a bit high. I like that you paid cash for the car. Is something wrong with the Jetta or are you just wanting an upgrade? I like your thinking though about getting your needs met and taking care of some of the wants as well. Balance is key.

I'm in a love/hate relationship with my car. It works, It has low mileage, I want something else. I'm going to keep the Jetta at least for another year by then I may feel justified in getting a new one, I keep hoping it gets hit and totaled in a parking lot or something.

As for the cat fund. It's more so if it comes to and illness that could be solved at the vet and still give them a good quality of life I don't want it to be a financial decision. I also if I needed it use that money for another kind of emergency as well if I every went through my real emergency fund. So I guess in a way it is a part of my emergency fun just earmarked for the cat first.

Still has a pension? Wow, didn't know that was still a thing. Lucky, lucky. Looks like your other retirement accounts for well-funded for your age, so if the pension isn't everything that's promised, you'll be fine.

You're in great shape. Nothing to add really. Keep it up! I would like to know what you do though :)

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