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August 01, 2013


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I couldn't believe how many people don't follow up after interviews. Don't be cheap get the nice thank you cards and please dont do the one line emails. I always had wrote my thank you notes and make sure you get the information of everyone that interviewed you. I even send the gate keeper something as well if she helps me out. After all she is probably the one thats going to get the cards in the mail.

Such valuable information and yet so few will avail themselves. The book would be a great pre-graduation present. Thank you for sharing.

In the world of big law firms, follow up thank you note are discouraged. The advice you'll get in the career service office of a big law school is that it is not out of fashion and you stand a lot to lose if there is a grammatical mistake or the interviewer does not like the card. I received the same feedback from a recruiter when I made a lateral move to a better firm. It made me really nervous to not send a thank you note, but apparently, they are no longer valued in my field (I still wonder if this is true or if I got bad advise).

Excellent article. I advise people on career topics and I'm always so surprised about how many have never heard of the concept of sending a thank you note after an interview. Thank YOU for sharing!

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