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August 04, 2013


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Looks like a good selection please consider me entered, thanks!

I regularly read FreeMoneyFinance and share some of your posts with my children. Thanks much!

Looks like some good books to read.

Thanks for such a great giveaway. I'm always looking for new pf books. :)

Count me in!


Why not, I could use some new books to read. Count me in!

Really want to check these out :)

I will read these books even if I do not win. Thank you.

Sounds good, thanks!

Thank you!

Good luck everyone!

Count me in.

thanks for the chance..

Great idea for a competition - I've been following FMF for a while, but never spied these contests before. Great stuff!

I'd definitely like the chance.

I welcome the opportunity to learn and prosper!Thanks for the chance ....

Looks like great books to read and share with family.

Thanks for the chance.

Interesting titles.

It looks like there are some interesting books.

sounds great. i'm in.

These would be a good mix of topics to review. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sounds great. Thanks!

Winner winner

Count me in!

Looks like a good set of books. Knowledge is power.



I kind of 'freakish' that way, I love to read personal finance books -- especially as my light reading. I got turned on to personal responsibility with my finances through a college class and ever since then have been fascinated to see how fast I can make my retirement savings grow.

New books are ALWAYS welcomed!



Sure I love reading finance books!

I would love to read those books!

I love money books!! thanks!

Excellent! You have given away A LOT of books! I'm excited to get another chance to win a box :-)

I am in for a chance.

Count me in too please!

Would love to win!

Would love to win !


woo hoo!

Thank you!

Thank you!


I'd like them thanks

Thank you

Free books. Always great.

Woohoo indeed

Nice selection...thanks

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