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October 27, 2013


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I would submit, but I don't want to depress anyone.

Melissa --

We're here to talk about all sorts of financial situations -- and offer help if we can.

I would like to but wifey does not want me to.

Must keep the partner happy.

I wrote one, but it's very long and kind of controversial--controversial in a personal finace kind of way.

What's the maximum length?

Melissa --

there isn't really a maximum length. Send it to me and I'll look it over -- and we can discuss.


I'm still working on putting a complete post together for you. I also have some of the same issues Matt has :-).

In the meantime, I do have a specific question I'd like to throw out for your readers to chew on, and it's somewhat time sensitive. Would you consider posting that query in the meantime? I can go ahead and send it via email if you like.

Jeffbone --

If I can fit it in. I have posts set about two weeks in advance. Sometimes I can move them around and sometimes I can't. The sooner you send me something the more likely it will post early...

I still need to get mine done. I get *really* depressed every time I look at it and quit working on it then. So it's taking a long time.

I think any story can inspire someone out there in a similar or near situation- at least that's the theory.

Please send in more reader stories. Mine was published a few months ago and I still think about and use the advice I got from the readers. Everyone's story is different and the more personal finance "true stories" we hear, the more realistic we can be about our own situation and perception of the world.

Melissa - Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you.
I offered to do one for FMF a while ago, but man, just thinking about it depresses me, so I haven't done it yet. Especially when I keep seeing how successful and happy and rich everyone else is when they post theirs.
One day, I'll overcome my depression and write it out.

OK, OK, I'm starting to draft mine.

I like the reader posts, but one thing I think could help it is a bit of feedback from FMF himself and not just from the random comments of readers. Just my opinion. But it's been great content so far.

Rich Uncle El --

I have refrained from giving my thoughts on both these posts and the "help a reader" ones because I didn't want to bias the responses from the readers.

I understand where you are coming from, I just figured anybody who submits reader profiles with financial issues will definitley benefit from the advice of somebody who is successful and smart with money aka Mr. FMF.

Rich Uncle EL --

Thanks, I appreciate that.

They kind of do get advice from me, though, by reading FMF. :)

Hey FMF - you know what might be interesting? A compile of data on all the Reader Profiles so far. We could have some stats on stuff like age, gender, marital status, job function / level, income, net worth, 401k / IRA balances, as well as monthly expenses like mortgage / rent, car / transportation, groceries / food, etc. Some of this stuff might be missing in some profiles, and some might not be apples-to-apples or consistent across profiles, but it would be an interesting exercise, I think.

I might even volunteer to take a cut at laying this out in an Excel sheet if you asked nicely. :-)

Bad Brad --

Pretty please! :)

FMF - incoming. I'll work on it today and hopefully have it done sometime this week. Will email it to you.

Bad Brad --

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

FMF - might take a bit longer than I initially thought. I spent an hour on it today and only got through about 15 profiles. I can get more efficient than that but it might take some time to get through 101 profiles. But I will complete it. I'm already seeing some interesting trends that I didn't notice when reading them individually.

Bad Brad,

I'm looking forward to reviewing the information as I have wanted to analyze the data myself. I started once but it proved to be labor intensive and that was several profiles ago.

The Reader Profiles is a great feature and I love the idea of a data compilation. This is why I like coming to this site- lots of interesting people in diverse situations, but all with a passion for good personal finance. Leads to some great Reader Profiles and comments on the articles.

The Reader Profiles series is one of my favorite features of this blog. I hope to see more, so keep writing, people. I learn quite a bit from these series.

Can we submit for a family member?

JY --

Yes. Just explain that you're doing so in the intro.

would non-US profiles be of any interest?

Param -

I think so - as long as there are not technical, financial issues readers couldn't understand.

I have definitely enjoyed reading the reader profiles. It's what got me to start reading FMF regularly, and I've actually gone back to read a lot of the reader profiles of the past.

That said, has there been any thought to do follow-ups to reader profiles? It would be interesting to see the progress that has been made and/or any changes that have occurred since the original profile was put together.


JTS --

Yes, there has been consideration of that idea, but since the series isn't that old (maybe a couple years -- and most of them have been in the past year), I'm not sure there's enough substantial change to make an update interesting.

Meaningful financial change often takes many years, so perhaps an update five years out would work. Otherwise I think we'll get a lot of pieces with the same thoughts: "I started paying off debt", "I took your advice and began networking", etc. This will make the updates pretty vanilla IMO.

Besides, we still have thousands of readers we are yet to hear from in the first place. :)

Ah yes, I see your point. A longer time frame definitely makes sense.


I will submit a profile to you. :)

Just emailed mine!!

Come on anyone in your 40s or later!...I'd love to see more from people in the mid-point rut to FI that's such a LONG stretch of any true saver's life...

I considered doing it, even had a draft written! It probably would been different from most profiles as I'm retired at 57 with 2.5 M net worth as opposed to the "average" profile where most are from people at the peak of their earning years still doing the daily grind....

...but then I realized I'm very happy with my financial situation and didn't feel the need to have total strangers review and advise me (I'm not looking for advise or "atta-boys"). Also felt that anything I may have said could be taken as boasting/vanity.

To summarize, posting my financial position to the world does not appeal to me, even if it is anonymous,BUT I do like reading them!

A very interesting idea, I'm writing mine out today.

I LOVE this series! I will draft ours, tonight!

Coincidence! I started writing my profile today. I want to think it over for the next weekend or two and submit something good. @All: writing this stuff is actually quite enlightening!

Further to Bad Brad's comment, I think it would be good to suggest a format for readers to present their budgets in (a few basic spending categories, where do 401k and other saving fit in, etc.) This more systematic presentation would make budgets easier to understand for the reader, and help 'newbies' see their own budgets in a more sophisticated way, as if looking through the eyes of someone like FMF himself.

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