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October 25, 2013


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Just last month I made a small renovation in my room. I changed the paint from light green to yellow (favorite color of my daughter), made a toy shelves, replace the old cabinet and "planning" to buy a new LED TV.

This is useful, think I may do some of these bits on my house! I've always wanted a him and her sink. One piece of advice if you are selling, although it may be slightly off the subject, is that maintain the garden. Little and often is a lot easier, as I have discovered!

Buyers do expect the property to be sparkling clean and trouble-free. Few buyers of existing homes expect the plumbing or light fixtures to be new. So spending $5k on upgrading such items may net $2.5K, if you're lucky. They are more concerned about the roof, HVAC, carpet - expensive stuff with a finite lifespan.

Obviously written by The Home Depot, a proud sponsor of HGTV.

I am in the process of remodeling my entire bathroom. I just bought my first house and whoever did the bathroom did everything wrong so the water was running down and rotting the floor. I just had to get someone to do some plumbing equipment service and now I can start working on all the fun stuff like picking out faucets and paint colors. Thanks for sharing, I will keep these in mind for my next project!

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