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October 30, 2013


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In our city, those 10% off Lowes coupons are in the change of address packets that you can pick up at the post office. It is a packet of probably 30 or more discount coupons for household renovations and fixes.

When we had rental properties, we shopped at Sears Appliance Outlet for scratch 'n dents. Practically everything was 50-75% off retail AND without sales tax in Delaware. Occasionally there were promotions with some additional percentage off when using the Sears credit card. But we had to pick and choose among hundreds of appliances to find exactly what we needed with obscure or repairable damage. We even found overstock commercial coin-op washers and dryers there, those machines paid for themselves within one year and were cash cows for 18 years until we sold the property.

We use our credit card bonus categories on top of sales and coupons for our biggest savings. Sometimes you can haggle a bit on top of that too!

When online shopping I usually start at a cash back website like Ebates, then try to find a coupon for the site I am buying the item at, then use a cash rewards credit card. That is the magic trifecta for me.

You can also find discounted gift cards online, like at GiftCardGranny. So if you can get a $100 gift card for $80 or $90 you can add that to the savings.

FMF, why are you abandoning the Amex 6% card? They still allow you 6% for the first $6,000 you spend at a supermarket and if you have two cards, then that's $12,000 for the year. Still a better deal than alot of cards out there.

Gregg --

It's getting to be too much of a hassle to carry/deal with 10 cards. So I'm cutting down, making choices to get the most bang for my buck while also saving time and complexity. many properties do you have again?

James -


I always use my Santander 123 credit card when I buy in bulk. The card offers cash back of 1% so I guess it's free money. If I spend £10000 in a year on groceries I get a nice little bonus on £100. Most of my purchases are bulk items which I buy on discounts or promotions. Great post, thanks for sharing.

You've done five units so far and have 9 to go. That's 14 units. Wow it must be a full time job for you. Do you have other jobs as well? Just curious because I found handling my mom's 5 units more than I cared to deal with.

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