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December 12, 2013


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I really enjoyed this article. She makes FIRE sound so possible and reachable which is encouraging. I can't wait to be in her shoes :)

Excellent and fantastic read! Loved every word of it!

Good for them!

I love how active you are in your retirement. Thank you for the inspirational story!

Love this series. Congratulations on taking the slow and steady road to awesome!

What a nice read! Sounds like you guys are doing great.

Great story! May I ask what high-yield bond fund that you invest in? Thanks.

Sounds like you have developed a very good relationship with material objects and have really taken control of the direction of your lives. Admirable. Especially managing to reach a consensus with your spouse on these points, which can't be easy.

As part of my paying attention to details of these stories, it is, however, worth pointing out that without the $600K proceeds of the house (essentially a windfall, as she herself notes), there would be a negative net worth here. I also worry about the junk bond fund--current returns are NOT reliable in a fund that seeks out that level of risk.

The high yield bond fund is CPHYX.

As far as the riskiness of junk bonds: everyone, from our Schwab financial advisor to other financial professionals, have warned against junk bonds. We recently sat down and did some calculations. The bond has been paying an average of 7%, never less than 6%, for the last nine years. That could change, but we think a nine-year track record looks pretty good.

This was a fascinating reader profile. I like the focus on international travel, volunteering and minimal living. Those are my priorities as well.

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