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January 14, 2014


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“You have nothing without your health”. Very true. Unfortunately most people don't realize this before they hit 40. I wish I realized this sooner.

I have worked and associated with a lot of people over my 79 years and I think that there is one word that describes an important behavioral trait of successful individuals.

That word is "Discipline".

Looking back on my early years I can attribute my success in no small part to the lessons I learned, as a child, from family members, and then later on in life to colleagues I associated with at work.

One major turning point in my life happened when I was 16 and one of my uncles who was the manager of the SW Electricity Board in England paid us a visit soon after I left high school with great grades but no money to go away to London to college. He asked me about my work as a junior technician at a company called "Flight Refuelling". I told him how boring it was and that I wasn't learning anything. He had started his career as an apprentice and convinced me that I should do the same. Fortunately there was a major aircraft company about 10 miles away. I applied, was accepted, and pursued a 5 year apprenticeship, at very low pay, that rotated me through all of the manufacturing and engineering departments. As soon as it ended, at age 21, with the equivalent of a BS degree in aeronautical engineering, I married my longtime sweetheart, was offered a great job with a Canadian aircraft company and off we went in 1956 to the new world.

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