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January 03, 2014


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I am enjoying reading this series of ideas!

Good comments on building a network. It's something I've only started doing this past year and have found that 1.) it takes time. Both on a weekly basis on but on a long term being-consistent basis. 2.) it takes some learning.

I don't think I'm very good at it now, but I'm a lot more proactive about reaching out to business colleagues and connecting with them on a regular basis.

I picked up that book Never Eat Alone and that has been helpful so far. If anybody here has other resources in this area, I'm interested in knowing what they are.

Looking back on my career, a major positive change was when I put in a project that my colleagues thought was a dead end assignment, i.e. for someone at the end of career. During the project, I had direct exposure to the GM and several people three levels above me which allowed me to expand my network. The project was successful and the work (and great results) helped me get two promotions over the next five years.

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