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January 06, 2014


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What I like about this post is that it is about income. I've seen so many websites or books just talk about saving money and being frugal, but we have to also work on income.

When it comes to career tips, I would also add "Raising your hand and volunteering for opportunities." It's kind of in-line with over-delivering but in my humble opinion, I consider it to be one the best habits I ever started.
I started off as a staff accountant and now, 7 years later, I'm a regional CFO of a fortune 100 company. And part of it was that I just kept raising my hand when opportunities came up. Even if they weren't asking for volunteers, I asked if I could be included on projects outside of my area.

I couldn't agree more about "Raising your hand and volunteering for opportunities". One such opportunity for me was when a co-worker sought out my advice because he was getting nowhere on his project. I could see immediately that his approach was all wrong and would never work, partly because he was a Math major working on loan to our engineering department and lacked the appropriate experience and background. I asked our manager if I could have a go at it with a totally different approach. He gave me the "OK" and within 2 or 3 months I had the software finished and in use. It turned out to be such a labor saving software program that I received a Cost Saving award, a promotion, and a raise, and it kick started my career and lead on to greater challenges and opportunities. Finally by the time I retired I was directing and coordinating large software projects that involved engineers from several different disciplines.

Agree with MITM - just like a business, you can only cut out so some point top-line growth is needed to advance further

I totally agree about getting educated. You can take online short courses, etc. You can even be a sales agent including a car insurance agent in your community.

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