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January 21, 2014


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I applaud everything you and your wife accomplished over the years! Congratulations on having super achiever children who obviously learned great work ethics from you both.

Several topics you brought up in your life reflect what my parents went through and have done to help their children. My parents immigrated to the US over 30 years ago with 2 kids, very little to no knowledge of the English language, and an empty pocketbook. My father's starting salary back then was $500/month at a state university. We lived very frugally and my father budgeted daily. With hard work and great work ethics, my father retired from the university as a professor with pension and still travels the world as a consultant.

My parents didn't believe in welfare, but they did believe in helping their children. They provided for their kids' college education believing strongly that their kids' job was to learn and not stress about finances. They also helped me with my home purchase because they wanted to help, even though I obtained a good job by then. My brother and I fully comprehend how fortunate we have been, and how much our parents sacrificed for us. We both work hard, are responsible with our money, and care for our parents in turn (my parents live with me now).

I agree with you that some would criticize my parents' decisions. Some of their decisions were culturally based in tradition, but all of their decisions were made with care and love. Their decisions resulted in a tight-knit family that will always pull together during any crisis. It may not work out for everyone, but it worked for us.

Thank you for sharing your story! I am impressed by what you and your wife have achieved without help, beyond your wife's undergrad. It's also really encouraging to hear from folks who aren't in the 1%, who have achieved high net worth. This is very inspirational.

I love this post, real people, real life issues and still grounded to what's important in life. Dave Ramsey would love this story too :)!!!

Great job! You should be proud of your accomplishments, even if you would change how you did a few things. Great to hear you celebrating the lives of your children, too.

A question- since you do seem to have a different income arc than some of the other stories here, would you be willing to share your annual household income over the years? (i.e. age 20: approximately X thousand; age 25: Y thousand...)

It might be powerfully demonstrative of how saving and being strategic helped you reach your goals.

I really enjoyed reading this profile.

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