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February 28, 2014


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A few comments on this post:

1. Income tax comes from the 16th amendment, not the 14th. The 14th amendment was passed right after the Civil War, and it contains the provision that people born or naturalized in the US are citizens, the equal protection clause, and other provisions.

2. Poll taxes are also illegal via the 24th amendment. You would have to repeal that as well to pass a poll tax; however, this will not happen, since poll taxes basically discriminate against the poor and discourage them from voting, which obviously severely hampers the democratic process by excluding a portion of the electorate.

A tax on consumption could definitely work, and it would probably be a lot simpler than the income tax now. But we need to make sure it doesn't end up being regressive and affecting lower income people more than higher income people.

Wow. Did you really say "IRS legislation kills the equivalent of 8,758 newborns each year"?! That is a pretty blatent example of highly slanted, sensationalist writing. By that same logic, how many newborns are killed while people wait at a bus stop. I'm sure public transportation "kills" more infants than tax legislation. Biased statements like this detract from what would otherwise be a useful, timely, informative article. I hope FMF does not publish more articles like this in the future.

We usually try to keep ours for at least 7 years, but I can't remember ever throwing one away. This is a good reminder this year to check and ensure we're doing what we're supposed to in terms of document retention.

Ratio of political clowning to actual substance is way low here. Tiresome. jt is on point.

Are you kidding? The Irs kills the equivalent of 8,758 newborns per year? That is beyond absurd. FMF, Marotta often flirts with the line of being over-political but this has crossed the line to just absurd to the point of no credibility.

I have to agree with the other comments here that this article is much less about personal finance and strays too far into politics. This is a personal finance blog; lets try to keep the articles on subject FMF.

Also, for guest articles, can we make sure they at least have correct facts (see my comments above)?

And the newborn statement? That is just absurd.

I'll just ignore any future articles by Marotta.


Nice post. With all of the on-line shopping these days, many receipts are simply emailed. Printing and filing seems archaic, but a necessary evil.

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