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February 05, 2014


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You don't have to "love" what you do, but I feel it is important to have some passion in your work.

Well said!

I share some of your experiences. My first job, also at 12, was delivering newspapers. I also married my childhood sweetheart in 1956 when I was 22. That's when we made the decision to leave our family in England behind and get on a boat that would take us to the New World where an aerospace engineering job was waiting for me in Canada. We docked with $450 between us, have lived pretty frugally our whole life, also had 3 children along the way and after two moves have been in Silicon Valley since 1960. After a 32 year career at Lockheed/Martin we both retired in 1992 and thanks to our working class roots, learning how to be frugal during WW2, always saving and working hard we lived the American Dream and find ourselves very wealthy, thanks to the and housing bubbles that came along at the perfect time for us. When we arrived in what was then "The Santa Clara Valley" Lockheed was the largest employer but it has since been transformed into the Hi-Tech center that is home to so many world famous companies, and with correspondingly very high real estate prices. You wouldn't want to live in a $450K home here even if you could find one.

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