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April 02, 2014


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Whatever you decide, thank you for your work. Yours is the first blog I ever read, and I have learned a lot from it.

FMF. have been following your blog for a long time and never commented till now. I feel that your blog is the most interesting due to the different type of stories that come here. and will be sorry However was wondering if this article is real or designed to play April fool prank on us?
Either way wishing that your life get settled down soon and you will be back to the blog

Sometimes, life happens. I suspect that the addiction to writing will pull you back here every so often. I've thought more than once about giving up blogging, myself, but it always drags me back in.
Best wishes in your new endeavors!

DV -

It's real. That's why I posted it on April 2 - so no one would think it was a joke.

Thank you for your honesty, the writing has been on the wall for a while (the three times per week posts that are almost always reader features and recycled posts). I have read you for many years and I understand how life changes. I am sure that the traits that made you such a successful blogger are part of what your new company saw when they pursued you to be president. I hope you guys feel adjusted soon. I appreciate that you are taking the time to parent your teens, you are right that they still need guidance as they approach college (too bad so many parents have slacked off by that stage).

Happy Blog Birthday/Anniversary!!!

I wonder how many of us would be willing to keep the conversation going by helping to take on the Blog responsibility. I know I would. The beauty of this Blog has always been the conversation among your readers and the sharing of insights, challenges and solutions.....M22.

So where do readers and commenters go now?

All good things eventually come to an end. If this is the last year, I am grateful that you've been at it this long.

Thank you for selflessly dedicating yourself to the community you created and let's be real, you helped create the personal finance blogging community, bloggers and readers.

Websites like this started a movement and a lot of people have seen their lives improve because of it. So to that we all say thank you.

Biere -

Don't give up on me yet...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for everything! I'll be here as long as you are. But take care of the important stuff, my friend.

I understand your situation as I have experienced the same thing. I am just wondering if you might consider turning this over to someone else that has a similiar mindset, etc., if and when you decide to step aside.

Good on you FMF. Family first. I am guessing that there are more than a few long time commenters that would be willing to step in and guest post if you need a break or even buy the whole dang thing.

Either way, as they say, it has been a privilege and an honor. All the best.

FMF, thanks for all your hard work. Things do change quickly, not long ago you were maintaining two blogs. This is certainly a good problem to have, and I admire your dedication to the most important things in your life. Keeping good thoughts for you now, and in the future.

FMF--- say it isn't so !

I would miss this blog and I think the possibility of guest bloggers (maybe from those who frequently comment) is a interesting approach. I would consider playing a role if you thought it would be helpful.

An idea-- maybe recommend another blog that you read and like so that the FMF community can stay together. I think that this blog is special in many ways-- but the community of readers and the comments are terrific as well. What would I do without my Old Limey "fix" ?

At any rate, happy birthday to FMF-- and I wish you, your family and your future the very best of luck.

Congratulations for a great 9 years! This is one of the few financial blogs that remained honest and informative. Your strong convictions are highly appreciated.

I would also be very sorry to see this blog disappear because it's the only one I read. I have always been amazed that you are able to find the time for it when you have an important job, athletic pursuits, as well as being a husband and a father of two children approaching college age.

There's no way in the world that I could have undertaken anything like it when I was your age and in your position, as well as moving into a brand new home.

Whatever decision you finally take I wish you and your family all the best.


I have enjoyed reading your posts and commenting and contributing occasionally. Try to hang in there a bit longer- I promise all the new things will become comfortable and routine within the next 12 months, and will be a rich source of new material.

You could always do a hiatus for a few months. Also you could have some of your contributors help keep things running while you are on hiatus :-)


Just know that so many of us LOVE your site!!! And you better keep it "live" regardless so we can all still learn and enjoy it even if you stop typing away :)

I believe 9 years = about 135 in human years too, so it does seem pretty natural to be thinking about the future, haha...

I hope you find the answer easily, whichever route it takes.

Sorry, this may come out wrong, but you state "In my last job, in the other state, where all was settled and comfortable, I had lots of time. I don't have lots of time now..."

My first thought isn't about the status of the blog. It's great and all, but my concern is it seems like you are going backwards.

I get the draw to move, and the new job and the challenge and the money, etc. Maybe I am just at a different point...a point where the time is more important than the money or the challenge

You have financial security. You have plenty of money. No debt. And you "had" leisure time. Why give that time up?

I mean that is the goal of most everyone I can think of. To get settled and comfortable and have lots of free time. Young people have lots of time, and no money so they trade the time for it. Old wealthy people have lots of money they then trade for precious time.

You had both at a fairly young age. Now you apparently have "no time" Time is the most valuable resource there is. It is my most precious asset, and I am financially secure as well.

I don't get it. But, I don't have to get's your deal. Just seems inconsistent with your past history of life choices.

Troy -

Time is fixed. I used to fill it with work, life, blog, etc.

Now I fill it with work, life, and (maybe) blog, etc.

The time hasn't changed, just my focus, attention, and priorities.

The new job is much more demanding, but it's also much more fulfilling. And if it means sacrificing one of several hobbies (this blog) for it, it is a worthwhile trade.

You may decide differently for yourself, but then again, you're not me. ;)


I have been a reader since the very early days of the blog. I, too, went through a busy stretch where I didn't even have time to read this blog, let alone contribute to it.

I have the feeling when you come out on the other side of this challenging time in your life, you will bring a whole new perspective to this blog. I look forward to reading as the journey progresses.

As others have stated, I am sure many would contribute to the blog as guest bloggers in your absence.

Is this an April Fool's prank?......
I vote for one post a week or a month for a while.

I love FMF.

Apex, what about you? Can you pitch in? :)

FMF, don't feel pressured to maintain the posting frequency. One interesting post a week would still be great, and anything from blogging to moderating can be delegated.

Thank you FMF! You don't get enough credit on your work and the change you've created in people's lives - mine included.

I started reading your blog 5 years ago and more intently the last couple years as my focus is on building wealth. First couple years I was in debt so I was more 'Dave Ramsey'. In the past couple years, I've 3x my income (thanks to your tips on career, negotiation, and just the breadth of successful people who comment and add to the dialogue.)

Looking forward to writing my RP sometime in the summer!

This is my first comment ever. I've read your blog for years. I'm 30 and this has really been the only place I've gotten financial help and advice. Please don't leave us, you are helping so many people!!!

I hope this is an April fool prank?? :-)

This is one of few blogs I read and the only one focused on finance. As part of a military family, I understand the upheaval of moving. I would agree that an even lesser posting schedule would still be appealing. Whatever your decision, you blog has been an inspiring one. Thank you!

Welcome to Oklahoma! Many blessings to you and your family! Thank you so much for educating us for the last nine years. :)

Best wishes for an excellent 9 years! I have experienced reading your content and leaving comment. My first believed isn't about the position of the weblog. It's excellent and all, but my issue is it seems like you are going in reverse.

Thanks FMF for your blog that showed up on google search. By accident, I discovered your blog and started liking mainly the insights by your commenters (Apex, Old Limey etc.).

I started a group in LinkedIn years ago and I too feel my priorities changed over past few months to be active in that group. So I can relate to your decision here.

You could probably keep the posts open to comments even if they are old.
Happy Birthday!

I hope this blog continues on forever. This is truly helping many people on a daily basis. Please do not stop posting on this blog. We need you more than you know.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and emails.

For now the three-times-a-week posting schedule seems do-able, so we'll hold to that and see what happens.

If any of you do want to write a Reader Profile, do a Millionaire Interview, etc., please drop me a line.

Great job and best of luck.

I'd love to do a millionaire interview ... but I need to get to $1M first ;)

Paul, I agree with you on the millionaire interview!

Thanks FMF. I have been reading many personal finance blogs over the past year, and yours is a favorite. It's difficult to find a PF blog that is focused on building wealth but which never goes into cheapskate territory. Your integrity really comes through. Best wishes!

Congrats on making it 9 years. That's like 1000 in blog years. And congrats on your new job/life.

thank you and pls don't close it


I hope you'll consider what Troy said, because I had been thinking the exaxct same thing. When is enough, enough?

I don't mean to judge...I know I have this bias of thinking people who already have money yet who still put effort into paid employment are misusing their time and energy. The most important work in the world goes unpaid, in my opinion.

Years ago I followed you daily. You had some really good insight and thoughtful commentary. When you tried wealth lion things shifted and it was not the same. When you dropped wealth lion and concentrated on reader profile and millionaire interviews etc, I lost interest and only read occasionally.

Life changing events like new job, moving, ???? can spread your resouces thin.

Good luck on your new endevors.

Mark --

I understand. But what if you could do work that was at the level/impact, at least to you, of paid work, and earn a high salary at the same time? Wouldn't you do it? I would...and am.

I recently discovered your blog and it is my favorite. I find myself catching up on your prior posts, looking for Old Limey comments!, and relishing all things about this site. What a gift you gave all of us. Thank you.

Whatever you end up deciding, I just wanted to say a sincere THANK YOU for working on this blog over the past decade. You've inspired me, and helped me think in new ways. You've led a discussion that has help grow our individual and collective net worth together. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and making it such an enjoyable time!

Thanks again

I am married to a person that in the past few years stepped up to a much larger challenge, job-wise. Yes there is a somewhat larger salary involved (though per hour probably not a huge increase) but the point is not the money, it is the chance to contribute to an organization at a higher level and the enjoyment of the greater challenge involved. Some people do not enjoy jobs that are the same old thing. I understand completely. Your blog has been a mainstay for many years. I appreciate all that you have written.

You can always give me the whole domain name, blog, content. I'd continue it for years and years. If you're interested, let me know. I'd take it off your hand. No biggie. In addition, thanks for many years of entertainment and information. Was very helpful for getting out of debt and finally starting to inch up on net worth ladder. :)

John --

Ha! Thanks for the "offer". I think I'd sell it before I'd ever give it away. :)

FMF, I too would be sad to see you go. However, I commend your prioritization. I just hope you can figure out a way to keep the blog going. I find your blog to be among the more thoughtful PF blogs out there.

I would recommend dropping the posting frequency. One quality post every two weeks or less is better than burning out or just going through the motions. Whatever you do, please leave the site up forever! Too much on the web just vanishes, when it would do a perfectly good job sitting there indefinitely as static content.

It's been a good blog and thanks for your effort. I would just like to say that if you decide to stop blogging, remember that the name freemoneyfinance has some value and you could probably sell it to someone willing to continue it, or elect someone from a list of people willing to do it. Anyway don't neglect its value.


Try googling the "top 50 blogs".

#1 on the list has a daily income of $29,896 and a value of $21.82M
#50 on the list has a daily income of $37 and a value of $27,390
I have no idea what FreeMoneyFinance earns or is worth but it's probably a lot more than you think.

Old Limey --

That list is interesting (FYI, I searched on "top 50 blogs income" to get it), but I know of several bloggers that should be on the list based on income and are not. It's difficult to get a comprehensive list on something like this since there's no once source for all the data.

That said, based on those numbers, over time FMF has been worth as much as $400,000 and as little as $40,000. It's at the lower end now, primarily because I'm not trying to do anything to earn extra income.

Owning the blog itself and the content is worth $100k to me. If someone offered me that amount, I might consider selling, but otherwise I don't need to so I'll just keep it. Besides, I think I can keep up the three-times-a-week schedule for some time, so there's no need.

Thanks to all of you again for your kind words and encouragement.

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