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April 23, 2014


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Glad you are back! Thanks for all you do!

Great to hear, was worried about your site for a bit, thought maybe you pulled the plug ;)

It's good to see the site back online!

Also, as an aside in reference to your comment on the link you posted, I want to thank you for the emphasis on working to raise your salary level. It was largely your writings on the subject that have led me to ask for raises, negotiate my salary upfront, and just generally actively work to grow my career. I'm currently in the process of negotiating a promotion that should result in both a significant salary increase and a significant title change. These are all things I probably would not have been as aggressive at if I had not read and believed your posts (and I was skeptical at first if the high percentages that you put in there, like 6 or 8% average annual raises, were really possible for any sustained amount of time).

I like to think I probably would have figured this out on my own at some point, but at the time I first found your site a few years ago, I hadn't been at my first job overly long, and was just figuring that 3 or 4% raises were going to be the norm for my life. You helped give me a different perspective, and because of that, I am richer both monetarily and in how fulfilling my career is (and I believe the path I'm on should keep me feeling fulfilled for a long time).

Thanks again. I hope you and the site stay online for a long time.

Hey, Looks like I might be a new regular here.

Speaking of regular and irregular, would you happen to know what happened to Rich Willis of Cognitive Investing?

Kman --

Thank you for your kind comments. I certainly appreciate them.

Would you be willing to share your story with the FMF audience? If so, send me an email and we can plan for it. I think many people would be interested in your experiences.

Smithers --

I'm sorry, I've never heard of Rich.

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