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April 21, 2014


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Depends on employer timeframe. If they are looking to hire quickly, e-mail is good to maintain momentum.

I couldn't agree more. As people use the USPS less and less the more you stand out when you take the time to thank prople for things. I occasionally use email for thank yous but I also send quite a few notes snail mail (about the only things I send snail mail are thank yous, birthday cards, holiday cards, and sympathy cards).

Had a disastrous interview the other week. Sent a thank-you note anyway to say thanks for the opportunity to interview, to wish them the best in finding a candidate (and to explain something which I felt didn't come across very well in the interview). Pitched it very much as a "I respectfully disagree but thank you for the interview anyway".

...they didn't bother to even acknowledge receipt.

I suppose I should have realised they were a *tad* unprofessional when I noticed their website hadn't been updated since 2002. Oh well.

JV --

You're probably better off NOT getting the job...

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