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August 20, 2014


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I listen to a few

For Stocks:
1. Porter Stansberry
2. Frank Curzio

For Real Estate:
1. Bigger Pockets

For Other:
1. James Altucher

These are the podcasts I listen to regularly:
APM Marketplace - business news
APM Marketplace Weekend - business news
Bigger Pockets - Real Estate
Lifestyles Unlimited - Real Estate
Dave Ramsey's Entre Leadership - Business Leadership

I also listen to This is Your Life and Freakonomics as well as some marketing ones for industry.

I HIGHLY recommend The Money Guy with Brian Preston and Bo. It's a good next level podcast after getting out of debt and more on investments, taxes, buying cars, etc. It's biweekly and I always look forward to the next one.

I think you'll enjoy it!

PBJ --

Is that the one that's recorded in the basement?

I always enjoy NPR's Planet Money and TED Talks. I have a 30 min communte on the train and both of these are about 15 minutes and come out mult times a week. So I can generally get in one of each on the way to the office.

Also love This American Life and Iron Radio (which is a weightlifting podcast - I am a meathead).

Hardcare History is a classic too. The only issue with this one however is it only comes out about once a month or so, but they tend to be very long (3+ hours). They are well worth the listen though. After listening to one of them, you will realize why so few come out and why they are so long - great stuff.

I have tried to listen to have ton of others be quickly lose interest. These are the only ones that have remaining on my daily listening list for a number of years now.

FMF, great topic. I enjoy listening to podcasts when I run, especially when they can keep my interest. Sometimes I listen in the car too. I subscribe to and enjoy a number of the podcasts mentioned above. I'm excited to try EntreLeadership, The Money Guy, Hardcore History and Iron Radio. I imagine I will have to pare down my list before my phone gets too full.

I really enjoy Clark Howard (consumer expert, money saving advice). I learn something new or I am inspired each time I listen. To keep up on sports events, I listen to ESPN:PTI (pardon the interruption) - quick hot topics discussion.

WOW! I LOVE posts like these. I like soaking up some new things from the comments (and the original post as well), but also love dishing out what I have that can help.

FMF, I always wonder what content the people I follow are consuming. It's so cool to hear you listen to Pat Flynn and Michael Hyatt. I'm sorta surprised to hear that you know him personally, but I shouldn't be as you strike me as a "Michael Hyatt would know him personally" kinda guy.

Anyway, here goes:
I cosign FMF's endorsement of SmartPassiveIncome and Micheal Hyatt's podcast. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't too.

I never liked EOF, it seems too structured for me. It doesn't "flow" like a good convo. I feel like John is reading questions from a checklist and trying to make it sound natural. However, I have the utmost respect for him and his brand. What he's accomplished is extraordinary.

I listen to podcastanswerman every now and then with Cliff Ravenscraft. He's the known guru of the podcasting space online.

I'm starting to get into mobilemixed with Greg Hickman as I'm looking to start bringing mobile to small business owners.

I'm also about to start listening to the couple that Pat recently had as guests on his show. They have a podcast. I liked their interview so much that I HAD to hear more from them. They have a family similar to mine and were able to quit their jobs and do business online full time.

If anybody can recommend any good podcasts for consultants or serving the small business community, do share.

Thanks FMF!

Somewhat off topic, but I'm really curious how FMF got to know Hyatt.

Stacking Benjamins is supposedly recorded "live, from my mother's basement." I find this easy to listen to on a regular basis. I recommend it in addition to the ones listed above.

I also recommend Manager Tools and Career Tools. Actionable podcasts delivered every week.

DiverGal --

Mike and I were in the same industry for several years and ran into each other now and then as we also both lived in Nashville.

A few years later (about ten years ago), when Mike was CEO of Thomas Nelson, they needed a marketing executive. I interviewed and was offered the job. They tried to low-ball me on salary and I tried to negotiate higher (I had been clear from the start that I wanted to be paid more, yet they offered me less.) We could never reach a compromise, so I declined.

I was not upset with Mike (I think he simply tried to get a good person at below market value, something we'd all like to do) and we stay in touch via email now and then. It's been less frequent since he went out on his own and has gotten so "big." getting a personal response from him these days is nearly impossible. :)


Nope. I think it's recorded at their offices.

@Jeffrey Yes! I forgot about Manager/Career Tools. I haven't listened in a while, but I learned a TON from them. Great podcast.

I mentioned this above, but for RE investing, bigger pockets is a fantastic show to listen to. I'm a young guy managing my own property(2 units in Boston) and I always get great advice from those guys. Markets are different in every location but these guys have the important concepts down and I love listening. If you haven't listened to them before I highly recommend!!

Have you tried Sound Investing by Paul Merrimen? I was turned onto them years ago from an article in Money Magazine. I tend to lead towards the investing recommendations between him and Clark Howard.

My favorite podcasts are:
- The Art of Charm ... relational skills, including ones needed for running a business. Gets my creativity flowing.
- The Art of Manliness - Good stuff on manliness
- One Extraordinary Marriage - Great marriage tips
- Sawbones - Just for fun

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