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September 17, 2014


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Well, I'd like to say thank you for all the free advice that you've contributed over the years. You're an inspiration.
I'll continue to spread the word, because even though you're leaving, the content will remain. Top notch content at that!

Good luck going forward.

Thanks for the many years of reading. It gave us something to do at work instead of working towards promotions - haha!

Well done fine sir!

Thank you for all your years of guiding and mentoring on my financial journey. Your blog is one the few that I read on a daily basis due to good content. In the time since I have "known" you, I have paid off my house and now have a very early retirement plan.


All hail FMF! You are our God, and we all worship you. Please don't leave us! (chant) The leader is good, the leader is great, we surrender our will, as of this date. (repeat x 10)

Thank you very much sir!

Thank You for all your advice and work, I learned a lot since reading this blog!Good health and happiness to you and your family going forward! Old Limey same to you,I will miss reading your posts also.

Whenever anyone volunteers their time, the recipients are the benefactors. The advice has been stellar and has guided me in many areas. As another reader said, hopefully the content remains on the server for us to use, refer to, and guide our children to the same good advice. We all know your finances will remain thrifty and well but we hope you and your family stay happy and healthy.

I will continue to use some of the advice/principals you've given in my future financial planning. Thanks for your time writing all these years.

Take care my man! Yours will always go down as one of my favorites over the past 7 years I've been online blogging myself. And it's awesome we were able to meet in person a few years back too - always fun to put a face to a site :) If I can ever help you with anything, just give a shout.

Thank you for your work! I hope you are one day able to grasp the far reaching effects of your efforts with FMF has been part of my life for the last several years and will continue to influence my life for many years to come. Thanks again and God bless you!

Thank you! God has blessed so man of us through you!
with infinite hope, Jim

Glad to see that you are going to focus on other things but going to miss this blog. It was one of the first places I checked every morning to see if it was updated.

It was a constant reminder that applying the fundamentals of finance with a dose of patience and a splash of humor can get you to your goals.

When I first started reading the blog, I was a broke law student and now fast forward 7 years and I am more than financially sound. And your blog helped with that immensely!

Good luck and if I can do anything for you, don't hesitate to reach out! YOU THE MAN FMF!

Thanks for all of your work - you will be sorely missed.

Hopefully one of these days you will be enjoying a fabulous retirement like the one my wife and I have been having since 1992. You already have the first prerequisite which is a great wife, family, and happy marriage. You also have the second prerequisite which is the ability to keep your investment income growing and to be free of money worries.

Stay healthy - that's the most important thing of all!

Thanks FMF for All that you have done. This has been one of the rare financial communities that has given solid financial advice, fostering good discussions between participants, while avoiding the typical fights and controversy you see on most other boards.

Thanks for running the best personal finance blog around! God Bless and best of luck. Learned plenty of lessons here and will still use a lot of it in the future - especially when buying our next vehicle :)

Thank you FMF. This has been one of the only financial blogs I've kept up with over the years. I spotted you at the very beginning and have read every post. Not having you there to help enlighten and reaffirm my thoughts about personal finance is disheartening...but I certainly understand your reasons. You will be missed!

Thanks for all your hardwork mad great ideas! Good luck!

Thanks FMF for the years of sound advice. Your blog has meant a great deal to me, and my financial situation has been significantly improved by all the sage wisdom from you, your interviewees and the commenters.

Best of luck in all your future pursuits!

Thanks! Next to the Simple Dollar (before he diluted his content with filler such as recipes, 10 things to brighten your day, and other irrelevant matters), yours was the best financial blog! Even better than, say,'s Money section.

I've learned a hell of a lot, taken your advice to heart and built a mini-empire of rental properties. Life-changing!

Thanks, FMF!

I've been late to FMF (discovered it only early this year), but have been a regular reader since then. I've enjoyed the posts, commentary and reader profiles. Best of luck and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for all your work. I really enjoyed this blog. The profiles and articles on career management were particularly interesting.

Really enjoy FMF (and for a time, Wealth Lion). A little bit sad for us, who enjoyed the community you created and knowledge you shared, but very happy for you! Thanks so much, FMF!

FMF-- I have a heavy heart seeing FMF ride off into the sunset. But I must agree with the others above that you have a lot to be proud of and you have help many people along the way.

Thanks so much for your time and effort. I have enjoyed your posts very much.

And to the FMF community and posters-- I will miss you too. This blog always had the most interesting comments and the readers shared ideas and brilliance with each other in a way that others never did.

Hats off to you FMF !

Have loved your blog. One of the better ones out here! Good luck and much success with future projects.

Sad to hear but totally understandable. Family first. Yours was one of the early PF blogs I ever read and I've always enjoyed your content. Hope you find the time to come back soon.


What are the best blogs (other than FMF) that you read? Maybe we can help each other out (one last time) with a few choice suggestions as to what else we should be reading now that our FMF fix is coming to an end...

I will start:

Financial Samurai, and
Mr Money Moustache

(See you guys there.)

Farewell, and best of luck to you and your family!

Good luck FMF on your future endeavors. Will definitely miss the blog and all the great commenters.

FMF, thanks for all your efforts and wish you well.

I too am looking for other blogs/forums. I still read Get Rich Slowly, however, it is not the same with J.D. Others I read:

Mr. Money Moustache
The Finance Buff
Fatwallet Finance Forum
LendAcademy Blog & Forum (peer to peer lending)

Oops, I meant to say that Get Rich Slowly is not the same withOUT JD Roth's regular postings. But I understand people need to move on and grow or spend their time on other priorities.

Thanks FMF for all the hard and valuable work. I am amazed you were able to run the site for so long. I have 2 school age kids and can't imagine a 2nd job. Best of luck.

FMF, thanks for the great job you've done. Over the years I've been reading you've been consistently one of ... no, THE best blog I've read.

Thank you FMF. I have enjoyed the blog it was very high quality content. Best of luck with everything in the future. I'm sure you and your family will continue to thrive.

Been reading this blog since the very beginning. Have gained untold insight from it through my late 20s and early 30s. Thank you FMF and Old Limey and all the other contributers for my start toward solid financial footing!

Thanks FMF for all of your hard work. This is the only financial blog I read and check daily. I especially am always looking forward to the comments as well because there is a wealth of knowledge there as well. I wish you the best with family, finances and career. You will be sorely missed!

Thank you and best of luck. I'll miss the sound advice and relevant thoughts, you are absolutely writing is hard work and after all family and work should be a priority.

Thanks for everything you have shared. I have been reading for years and I will miss reading your work. Enjoy life and I will still watch out in case you get bored when you retire and come back! Good luck with everything!

How sad. With the effective deaths of Get Rich Slowly and Bargaineering this is the last of the personal finance blogs that I started following 6-7 years ago. FMF's advice has been a huge help to me and my families financial well being. We've gone to financially confused to seeing our net worth grow by nearly 3000%. We're at a point that we now feel almost 100% confident that we're in sound financial shape moving forward through life and retirement -- and I'm not sure we could have accomplished this without help from this and other blogs.

I wish FMF the best of luck going forwards in whatever endeavor he pursues.

A suggestion. When my daughter was in college she earned tuition by helping with my little real estate business and has grown to a point of running the day to day. This allows me additional free time and her a reasonable wage on which to live. (summa cum laude on an English major still means unemployed)Your kids have been learning from you for decades, can one or more of them take over coo and you become ceo?

Thank you FMF. You and the other FMF bloggers have taught me so much over the past few years. So many inspirational people. Good luck to you.

Hi FMF, you will be missed…thank you for all the excellent posts. Your posts were extremely helpful for me being an immigrant and am sure I will still refer to your articles from time to time.
Will miss the reader community as well, thank you to Old Limey and Apex as well for sharing their wisdom.

I have been a faithful reader even if I have never commented. Your insight has been appreciated. I will miss reading your work, but I am pleased that you are able to make this step in your personal life.

Many thanks for all your top-notch posts over the years! Yours is one of the few financial blogs I've been faithfully reading since the early days. A couple of years ago I surpassed the $1M mark and I credit FMF for providing me with inspiration and focus to reach my goal. I'm well on my way to early retirement. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

Thank you FMF for everything and good luck on your next adventures.

Just wanted to add my thanks!!

I've followed this blog for probably 5 years. I have submitted a couple of "ask the reader" questions - and have had the fortune of hearing from other like-minded readers. It truly has been a privilege.

Also - where is Apex or OldLimey (et. al) going?

Thanks for all the informative posts! Hopefully they will still be available for searching. Its been a pleasure.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind thoughts.

You're very gracious.

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