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August 29, 2015


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Most exciting blog update in a long time!

Super exciting news! I'll definitely be emailing you

Best news this year!!! I can't wait until 2016 - there is no better Blog out there than yours.

Good... I have been looking for a replacement and have not found one.

I want to be on the announcement list.

Fantastic news! You have been missed.

By far the best personal finance blog I've read. You're writing has been missed.

Glad to hear your story will restart.

Wait, I just found you!(literally like a few minutes ago via a forum I frequent lol). I understand where you're coming from and congratulations on the new blog. Keep me posted please.

Great to hear from you again, and looking forward to reading the new blog!

Excellent Smithers!

Rock on!!!!!!!

He's back in action!!!!!!!!!


You won't be anonymous with your new blog for long. There are now specialized algorithms that match writing style, text, font, spacing, word use and on and on that you can be "uncovered" in about two posts or less but good luck with that....

Excited about the new blog. Will send you an email..

I want to be on the announcement list.

It's a horrible idea!

1) People who know you personally might simply ask for it, and it'd be a total dick move to not tell them (destroying objection #1)

2) Wordpress has an import function that would make the conversion a 5 min job!

Why build from scratch what already works? You'd be starting from ZERO! Cramping your style will happen with the new blog regardless, for the same reasons, eventually.

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