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January 17, 2016


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Hey, FMF, I really like your (this) site and I want to give you the benefit of the doubt; however, i cannot fathom why you are being so secretive about your new site. Are you selling drugs and renting yourself as hit-man on your site in dark web? Why so secretive. Also asking people to leave their email address on a public forum seems like a douche-y thing thing to do. Bunch of the email address posted here easily links to Facebook profiles of the users.

Unless you are doing something nefarious with your news site, just post a link to it on a blog post on this site. Don't make people jump through hoops. I've been a fan of yours for years. Even sent in question that you and your readers answered. But this not linking directly to new site is a dick move, bro.

John --

1. If you would read all the posts on this subject you would know why I'm doing it this way. Read along with the group and then you can offer comments. Don't read them and you sound like a goof.

2. No one needs to leave their email address where others can see it. They can email me or simply leave it in the comment form below -- where only I see it and no one else.

Andrew --

You have a spam blocker system set up, so I can't email you.

Please email me too

Forgot to enter my email😒

Please email me the new site. Thanks You.

Please email me new site. Thanks

new site please and thank you

Please email me a link to the new site. Thanks

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