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July 05, 2016


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My state (IL) is a C. I would think it would be that, or lower. I would love to check out Colorado!

Although I live in Colorado now, as far as retiring, I think Missouri would be great because it's cheap. I would say that's why those small mid-western states scored fairly well. I'm from Missouri, and the cost-of-living difference between there and Colorado are monumental. You can make your dollar go MUCH further.

My parents live in Wyoming. In their corner of it, access to nursing homes is low, some healthcare appointments are 1-3 hours away, housing runs almost 75% of my Orange County town home, and there are almost no activities for a senior citizen unless they want to hunt and hike. I would not rate Wyoming an A based on healthcare access and housing.

I would love to be subscribed to your new site.

My state is (The Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts) is mediocre.

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