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July 25, 2016


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Pizza at a good pizza place is just better. No shame in eating pizza at restaurants :)

It is hard to beat a good pizza... :)

Since I rarely eat out and prefer homemade foods to the mark ups, I guess I have been saving quite a bit of $$. But more than that, I am eating healthier as well. No additives, artificial ingredients, no GMO (if I choose). I make my own pizza but do occasionally buy from a local vendor who I personally know and know what ingredients he uses. But I still only do that rarely maybe once or less per month. Since our society has evolved from doing it our selves at home to having others do it for us, mostly because each of us is working full time and therefore may no longer have the TIME to prepare our own meals, we have become unhealthier. Working 70 hours a week because we are expected to do so leaves us with little time to eat healthy, get the sleep we need, and the time to enjoy life each day. I personally feel full time should be 25 hours or less per week. We should have more time for family. More time to cook our own meals and get healthier.

Discover Card also offers 5% off at restaurants one quarter per year most years. Between that and Chase Freedom, I usually enjoy that discount for six months of the year.

please send me the URL to your new site

@Donna -- I'm thinking the same thing and am considering early retirement as a result. Many people who are rich in money are poor in time and I'm ready to make the trade (at least a bit).

Hey, Mr. FMF! I am a longtime fan of your blog and would like to read what you post on your new site, please. Sharing my email "in the box" and hoping that I make the cut!

We rarely eat out - maybe once a month? Just doesn't float our boat when we know we can eat better/healthier and for less $ at home. We do sometimes order pizza or pick up Subway - but eat-in dining is rare. Still under $100/month.

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