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August 24, 2016


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Anywhere from 30-45 minutes a week. Sometimes less, rarely more.

My habit is to sit down some time on Sunday in front of Quicken, download and review all of the transactions for the week (via Quicken downloads), pay any bills coming up the next week either via check or credit card (including paying off my credit card balance each week), reconciling accounts I received statements for, and entering my paycheck (2x/month). Goes by pretty quickly and seamlessly.

That takes care of over 10 credit cards, multiple investment accounts (including IRA and 401K), and four checking accounts at three different banks.

Ha, I follow the same process as Benjamin! I usually sit down on Sunday nights after dinner and go through the inbox. Pay bills, put in my paychecks, download everything in Quicken, etc...

Twice a year I'll do a deeper dive on my investment portfolio and figure out if I need to re-allocate anything.

The process runs pretty smoothly.

I update Quicken daily by downloading all of my accounts. I spend maybe 5-10 minutes a day just reviewing new entries and then another half hour to hour weekly reviewing reports, budgets and investments. Also, as soon as a bill is received, usually online, I schedule the payment in my checking account online for the due date and manually enter it into Quicken (usually by just posting a reminder that was previously set up). Those manually posted entries are later matched with the downloaded entry from the bank when it is paid. It all runs very smoothly.

All told I probably spend 8-10 hours a month at it.

I use personal capital to track everything. I would say I spend about 1h a month looking over it.

I've done mostly on Mint and pretty good. Every now and then they have some quirks

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