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August 08, 2016


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Agree on Money being better than Kiplinger's. I used to subscribe to both but nowadays my only subscriptions are The Economist and WSJ. I love the Economist, but find I can only really get through ~10-20% per week. WSJ I read something electronically most days.

please send me the URL to your new site

I agree. I subscribe to both--have for years. I got my renewal for Kiplingers and the price was ridiculous for the quality. So I do not plan to renew. Money has stayed pretty much the same but has also fallen a bit. I am finding too much of the magazines lately are ALL ADS and very little content. Not just these but many others as well. I did not subscribe to be bombarded by ads.

I use to read Kiplinger's years ago and liked it very much.

I am glad that you are posting to this site more since when you do, I get an e-mail notification and keep up better that way. With your new site, when you post, I do not get an e-mail notification and wished the new site worked that way as well.

Charles --

It does work that way. I'll send you an email with details.

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