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September 19, 2016


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I really enjoyed the millionaire interviews as their insight and the way they built their net worth was both encouraging and educational. Real life examples are always a good example versus theories and guesses. Thanks for your efforts!


This is great news. Will you also highlight some of Old Limey's most insightful posts?


@SS --


I'm going to email him and see what he's up to.

+1 regarding Old Limey! Hope all is well with him -- I always enjoyed reading his comments and have been hoping he would resurface either here or on the new site. Also, glad to hear about the Interviews and Profiles! I always seem to gravitate more toward personal stories as opposed to the drier reading of factual material without the "life story" aspect.

Lucky for all of us that you've now retired and have the time to devote to both blogs! Just make sure to take a little time for yourself as well :-)

Bring him back ASAP!

Here's to bringing back the FMF community!!!! I miss them all, especially Old Limey and Apex!!!!

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