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September 23, 2016


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My wife and I got married on Thursday, but largely for different reasons. We were able to have a small, intimate wedding with immediate family only, and had a nice dinner in a banquet room at a local restaurant. Then we took Friday off to be together and rest and had an all day reception on Saturday under a big tent in her parents back yard. We even had some pictures printed from the wedding and there for people to see..

We were less stressed, less exhausted, and we got to spend a lot more time with the family and friends that travelled to come celebrate with us. It ended up being far cheaper and more enjoyable than most weddings I've been to.

To save even more money, get married at City Hall and use the money you save for a down payment for what really is important, a place to live, lol. To spend $30,000 or so for a one day fairy tale that may or may not last is not too smart or just stay single and save even more, ha ha.

You can also get married off season like we did. We saved on the venue and services even if we got married on saterday.

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