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October 20, 2016


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Many years ago I had someone I hired who listed on their employment application that they had completed a college degree. The degree was not required for the position, and in fact at least 50% of the employees in that position didn't have one. The background check uncovered that the individual hadn't quite completed the degree -- like 2 or 3 courses short -- and we had to fire them. If the individual hadn't even listed the college at all, they would have been hired anyway, but because of the lie, they were gone.

If you lie on your job application, you will get found out, and you will get fired, even if what you lied about is completely immaterial to the job.

Good post FMF. As a senior manager who, over my career, has probably intereviewed over 500 people, I will say that one of the first things I look for is a mismatch between the resume and the candidate in person. I can smell lying in a resume within 10 minutes of an interview and I show the candidate the door. I don't even like candidates who aren't lying but hire resume writers, after all, it's your professional background and accomplishments - who better than you to summarize it in a resume? If you can't put a crisp resume together highlighting your career, then why would you be capable of holding a management or professional position where you will be expected to synthesize and get to the crux of every issue from the morass of data and business risks, and present solutions. Lying in a resume is, of course, the worst offense in my view.

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