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October 11, 2016


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What has worked well for me is diversifying a bit more from the standard "1 bond fund, 1 US Stock fund, and 1 International Stock fund" formula. I have added REITs, International Bonds, and Dividend payers to the mix. I still use exclusively low cost Vanguard funds. What I have found is the additional diversification smooths out some of the volatility of the 3 fund model.
That said, it is additional effort on my part from a research, tracking and re-balancing perspective. I am a bit of an investing nerd,so I enjoy the time spent. If you are not, the 3 fund approach is the way to go.

On the subject of Kiplinger, articles such as this are why I no longer subscribe. Just wasn't worth the money to receive, nor the time to read......

I wonder what their advertisers think about #6?

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