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October 10, 2016


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Great advice -- I really wanted to quit my job a year ago but followed your four steps instead of doing something rash. Within 3 months I had landed an internal promotion which solved the immediate problem. I have continued my external search, but at a slower pace.

Do you think part the reason it took two years to find the right thing was because you were further along in your career? It feels like I could find jobs all day long that would be a step back, but finding the next thing that would be a step up has been more challenging, especially since I have been looking for jobs in a different part of the country.

Do you have any advice for finding the right job in a specific part of the country that you don't live in?

You're right, it's hard (and stupid) to walk away from a bird in the hand. While not quite the same situation, I had to decide between buying a business about a year and half ago or going back to work at my Fortune 50 company.

When I added up all of the compensation and benefits of the job, I couldn't turn it down. I think that people often underestimate how much compensation they are getting from their day job. Insurance, paid vacation, pension, 401k, etc... It's silly to walk away from.

@DIY$ --

I have been able to find jobs all over the country, but I never limited myself to just one location.

If you're asking how to find a job in a particular city (Nashville, Miami, Dallas, etc.), I have some thoughts on how I'd go about it but nothing I've done specifically.

Are you looking for a job in a particular area?

I think it took me two years to find something because 1) I was picky -- I wanted to go to something better, 2) I wanted to stay in the same (relatively small) industry, and 3) I was at a fairly high level (VP).

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