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November 14, 2016


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Wow. Impressive - seriously, you're in excellent shape!

I would say to hold off on the car upgrade -- it sounds like your vehicle is perfectly reliable, has low mileage, and the safety improvements from a 2009 model to a 2017 model are likely to be minimal. If anything, I'd spend to have it fully and thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic to make sure all belts, hoses, fans, gears, and filters are in excellent working order. A 2009 car should, at minimum, get you through 2019, if not beyond given your low mileage and the fact that most Toyotas work far beyond 10 years/up to 150k miles. (That being said, if you want a new car, you certainly can afford just doesn't appear necessary).

As for the windows, they're a good investment towards making your home more energy efficient I'd imagine, and increasing the resale value, so go ahead. And for the gym -- you're friends with powerlifters, but do YOU want to be a powerlifter? If so - change gyms. If not, it seems like you have everything you need in your current convenient, nice, and more affordable gym.

You're making excellent financial progress. You should target financial independence as a 5-7 year goal. If you keep your spending at the same level, it is doable. Wouldn't it be nice to only work if you want to?
The car and gym sounds as if you are looking for a reason to justify spending money. Your property taxes and insurance will increase with a new car. I have a Toyota too and I'm hanging on to it till it hits 150k miles because cars are a depreciating asset.

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