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November 02, 2016


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That's an interesting thought. Too many real world issues to be practical, but fun to think about!

The key takeaway for me is this: if you have a little money in the bank, the possibilities are limitless! Right? Just because you have $1 million in the bank, doesn't mean you'll spend it wisely.

I could go for a several month long cruise I think, maybe around the world once. But permanently moving in would be a stretch!

I'm with you -- I could do a long multi-month cruise, but for me a large part of retirement that I'm looking forward to is more time with family and it wouldn't be feasible for everyone to live on the ship with me.

We did a 7-day European cruise last year and loved it. Several of the people on our ship were retired and were on the ship for multiple back-to-back cruises. The longest cruiser I met was one couple staying on the ship for 6 weeks straight. There was even one couple who hadn't yet retired and was on the ship for 2 weeks. The ship caters to this crowd by not repeating the same itinerary every week.

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