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December 13, 2016


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I try to read every night before bed. I wonder if reading on a Kindle counts? I'm serious. I've read studies that people reading e-books do not remember the material as well for example and show less comprehension as well. So, there is something about a physical book that appears to be different. Maybe online reading doesn't count either? :(

I am a daily reader of books- I do have an e-reader because its great for travel but it does not have the same tactile feel, there is not the joy that comes from snuggling down with a BOOK.

I read a wide variety of books: fiction non-fiction- history, economics, sociology, cookbooks (seriously) so long as it captures my attention and is well written.

there may be a correlation between reading books and a longer life but no actual causation.

You can't find time to read books? You are retired now, lol. I know, I know, you are just as busy now as when you were working.

@Charles -- I don't know how I had time to do all this when I was working!!!! :)

Each kid has two jobs so there's a lot of juggling there. Plus I'm buying my daughter a new car, getting her ready for college next fall, writing two blogs, working out, and on and on.

I need a vacation from retirement! ;)

I feel reading in general helps to increase your concentration, focus and vocabulary. Even I mainly read e-books. And as Jon said I hope online reading counts. Also reading encourages your brain connectivity. As you start learning about the character, you start to place yourselves in their shoes, which encourages brain activity.

I admit I haven't been much of a book reader but I've set as a goal to read 25 books next year (well, actually, 25 books starting this month and ending next December).

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