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December 20, 2016


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We have both Amazon and Costco as well. Also have Gap card because we can use it at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and the Gap and BR Outlets (3 kids plus me and the misses = lots of clothes each year).

I don't really care for most store cards, the only reason to have them is if both 1) you shop there often and 2) has a better discount than a regular cards.

We have the Costco card, and my wife has a Target card (which we justify since you frequently get 5% back/off your purchases there with their card).

I've never had a store card, and don't want one.

I prefer quality over quantity, and stick to having just a handful of really good, high-end credit cards that I keep an account with forever.

Like you, I use the Chase Freedom, for example.

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