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January 02, 2017


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I don't do any new year's resolutions, but I'm always hardcore future-focused.

A lot of new years resolutions revolve around fitness. I'm always in the shape I want to be in, so pretty much my goals each year are financially-related, like make more money or finish certain projects.

What sorts of resolutions did you make this year?

I don't normally make resolutions. If I do, I don't stick to them long. Life and schedule (travel way too much for work) get in the way.

This year I'd like to be different (like everyone) and see if I make some meaningful goals that motivate me longer.

So very much looking forward to seeing a good post from you on your process as well as your resolutions to stimulate some ideas on my side.

Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2017!!!

Thank you fora ll you do, it is appreciated.

We should always be setting goals and having resolve to pursue them tenaciously. But we shouldn't need a calendar date to prompt us to do it. It should be a year-round, life-long thing. The Growth Mindset, if you will.

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