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February 06, 2017


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It's funny that you mention this because I encountered this issue at work for the past few weeks. I decided not to wear makeup at work for two weeks. I take meds that make me absolutely exhausted, and it's a miracle I wake up every day. Needless to say, makeup is the last thing I want to do at 7 am. So I went without for a few weeks.

I made an error at work and I realized people's tones were harsher when I wasn't wearing makeup. I wore makeup to a meeting with the higher-ups and everything went swimmingly. There was no difference in my wardrobe or demeanor; just my lack of makeup.

So unfortunately the way you look does affect the way your treated. It really, really sucks because I'm an advocate of looking however the hell you want (within reason of course).

There are a lot of "you shouldn't have to dos" in the working world -- how you dress, what you say, the politics, etc.

Unfortunately, that's the way it is -- though I do think things are changing (but slowly).

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