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February 01, 2017


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Cuba, Iceland, Venice, Switzerland, Peru, and Patagonia so far. :)

Enjoy the season and trip-planning!

Spring Break to New York to see Hamilton and a Yankee game.
The girls are taking a Girl Scout trip to Georgia.
Summer trip to the Great Smoky Mountains to see the eclipse.
Orlando to go to Harry Potter World.

That seems like a lot, but not enough at the same time! :)

Oh Miss PF - I'd love to go back to Venice but not in the schedule for this year

We love Destin - hoping to go their sometime in the first half of the year depending on when our next baby is born. I might take my son up to NYC for a quick trip for his birthday and will probably go to South Florida at least once as well. Probably no big international trips for us this year.

The later you can go to Yellowstone, the better IMO. We went in peak season once and in a whole week I saw less wildlife than I see in my backyard on a daily basis. It didn't help that a lot of folks were driving loud Harley's all day en route to Sturgis.

In about 10 days, Kentucky, not really a vacation because we're helping a family member clean out some properties to sell, but we'll stop at a few bourbon distilleries along the way.
April, mini-vacation at home when we'll have friends visiting and we'll do local brewery and garden tours.
August, Scotland for a family member's wedding.
November, possibly Atlanta, for a wedding, not sure of location yet.
Throughout the year, visits to NC mountains and beaches where our daughters attend college and to see family members in VA.

Oooh, it sounds like 2017 will be a fun year for travel! We haven't made any vacation plans, although I make plenty of half-jokes about permanently running away to Mexico together. We're really focusing on student loan payoff for the next year, so every extra penny will go towards debt.

Lots of great plans from you all. It's going to be a GREAT year!!!!!!

Destin is awesome. It is about 45 mins away from us as we live in PCB but we still drive over once every few months for a change of scenery.

We are going on a 5 day cruise in a few months. Our first since our son was born late last year. It should be fun.

camping in Prince Edward Island and island in bay of Fundy in August. Got a free Canadian national park pass so I'm using it.

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