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February 15, 2017


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Buzzwords is a tough one to have a blanket "no" on. As a job seeker it's tough if you're applying via an online or electronic system because so many of these now use a keyword algorithm and auto-reject if it doesn't match up and meet the specified criteria.

Of course a warm contact inside to help with the application is always preferred there are times this doesn't happen. Additionally there are also times where you still have to put it through the online system and hope that someone can manually check and pull it if it doesn't go through.

I hate hate hate objectives. I looked at so many resumes and I was astonished at the sheer amount of people who put "personal goals" and "objectives" on there. I just want to see people's experiences--I usually don't even care about where they went to school or their GPA. Work experience is the most valuable way to get a job in my field.

I agree with all of it. I would add you should keep it very small. One page works best.

I've reviewed a lot of resumes lately and many still need to figure out the basics like avoiding typos and sticking to one page.

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