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February 20, 2017


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Thanks for the link; glad you enjoyed the article.

Congrats on that early retirement. :)
I think I'd still like to do work on the side during retirement. I'd have the freedom to work only on projects that genuinely interested me, since money wouldn't be in the equation. I also foresee many video games to be played!
I'd love to volunteer at my local animal shelter too.

Currently do side gigs only in retirement. I have been teaching an online course while we traveled so best of both worlds. I also set up a PI firm when I retired and do Indigent Defense Work mostly. Use all funds to pay down debt.

I may be far off retirement at this time, but these are great ideas to keep myself occupied then as I easily get bored. :)

Retirement is good and bad, depends how much you got and if you got a lot, you will love to spend your days with your friends and family.

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